Do czego używamy teatru

Theatre is a tool that visibly develops the competence of teamwork, as we have seen in the last 10 years of our professional experience.

It is on cooperation in teams that the functioning structure of many companies is based. On the way to achieving the set goal, team members have to communicate effectively. They get tasks that they are not able to perform without the help of others. Even a well-functioning team needs support in development, acquisition of new competencies, improvement of rules and tools of cooperation. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, among which theatre stands out for its practical character. Creating theatre is nothing more than teamwork.

Different tasks, common objective
We decided that our theatrical experience, such as production of performances, working with the audience or theatrical training in working with a group, perfectly translates into building and operating teams in other industries. Theatre is teamwork undertaken for a specific purpose, defined in time. A performance always has a fixed premiere date. Each creator has his or her own task, his or her activity depends on interaction with other people. One person creates music, another set design, someone writes the text, we have actors, musicians, dancers, etc., and each of them has his or her own task. Each of them has different competences and the challenge is to organize this work in such a way that the effect of each person's activity is combined into a larger whole - a high quality performance.

Pitfalls of cooperation
Such work can be dangerous - with strong personalities there can be a conflict in which nobody wants to give way. Someone can dominate the team, someone else may feel offended and sabotage their work, withdrawing and not engaging 100 percent of their abilities. Lack of communication, forming alliances and acting against someone, stagnation, lack of motivation, lack of sense of common action - all these situations can occur in the work of a theatre company, just like any other team working for a certain purpose. The process of creating a performance is analogous to the cooperation of teams from other fields.

Fun, diagnosis, change
Theatre as a method is perfect for observing the mechanisms of the functioning of a team and supports its effectiveness. A theatrical workshop, in which the whole team participates, is a source of fun, allows you to break the ice and relax the atmosphere. It is a practical action, which can be looked at and described. Theatre is a diagnostic tool for us, which is a starting point for reflection and development of a new way of team work. Creating and watching theatre also allows us to get to know many points of view on a specific subject, which allows us to see a different perspective and look for new solutions.

The sum of potentials creates a new quality
We work on the potential of all members of the group, with respect and attention for each person and his or her mode of action. During the workshops, we strive to create conditions in which everyone can share their opinions and ideas with others. Their important element is the decision making process, taking into account the opinions of the team, but above all, aiming at achieving the goal. When everyone has a chance for 100% commitment, acts along jointly developed principles, a new quality is created. Work organized in such a way allows for a satisfactory realization of the goal.

Karolina Krawczyk-Sharma, Magdalena Szpak, Agnieszka Szymańska