Cooperation Laboratory

is an educational and development offer for companies,
institutions and individuals

It is the first in Poland combination of business training with elements of yoga and various artistic disciplines.
We are fascinated with working with people and accompanying them in their development.
In the dynamic project-based environment we create effective and engaged teams.
We inspire people to reflect on themselves.
Check if you can find something for yourself.


Check if you can find something for yourself.


Do you manage people and are responsible for the functioning of the group?


Are you a member of a newly formed team that is supposed to achieve a specific goal together?


Do you manage people and are responsible for the functioning of the group?


You work on your own, but you want to communicate more effectively with the people you meet on your career path?


  • we strengthen individual and group potential;
  • we build the experience of teamwork and look at it critically;
  • we support managers and team members in implementing new cooperation practices;
  • we teach how to work effectively despite stress and how to tame it;
  • you will implement new cooperation practices,
  • you will learn how to work with stress effectively and how to tame it.


we develop personalized solutions.

We use a unique combination of working methods:
we use yoga tools, elements of various artistic disciplines and work with a group process.

Zajęcia z jogi


Yoga allows you to make contact with yourself, which is crucial in creating satisfying relationships with other people. To communicate effectively with people, you first need to be aware of your needs and know how your mind and body work together. Yoga teaches mindfulness, recognizing one's own abilities and using them every day.

Zajęcia z teatru


allows freeing yourself from schematic thinking, abandoning routine, opening yourself up to new possibilities. It enables learning in practice, not in theory, through self-experience. Thanks to this, the participants of the training have the opportunity to break barriers in communication and get to know their colleagues from a different perspective. Creating and being with art means that we can get to know many ways of thinking about the same problem. Theatre is based on teamwork and interaction between partners, which is why they are a great resource for building a shared experience.

Praca w grupie

Working with a group process

allows people to accept what they are and create the opportunity to use their unique potential.The team of people meeting at work or training is each time a different set of individuals who interact with each other.Knowledge about how these interactions are going on is essential in collaborative activities.


In our work, we refer to the concepts

of experts related to the areas of psychology, management, performative arts or yoga
(including Eric Berne, Daniel Kahneman, Morten Hansen, Richard Schechner, Ranjit Sen Gupta)
and research on development of these areas.



FOR individuals

Weź spokój na warsztat

Podczas warsztatu dowiesz się, jak stres wpływa na Twoje ciało i umysł.

Zrozumiesz, jakie są Twoje źródła stresu. Poznasz narzędzia i techniki oddechowe oraz relaksacyjne do wykorzystania na co dzień w pracy i w domu.

Dowiesz się, jak odzyskać święty spokój i jak zachować go na dłużej.

For companies

Do you know what your employees need to function well at work? A high salary?
A coffee in the morning?
Perks? Perhaps. But there is something more important!

Najnowsze raporty dotyczące satysfakcji pracowników jasno wskazują, że najważniejsze dla pracowników jest otoczenie,
które pozwala rozwijać potencjał, dobre warunki współpracy z innymi i inspirujące przywództwo.

You can provide that to your employees with the use of our workshops!


for leaders/managers/heads of teams

At the workshop, we learn about key leadership competences, identify areas for individual development of participants and ways of working on talents.


for teams that have been functioning for more than one year

During the workshop, we discover the rules of cooperation prevailing in the group and together with the participants we check their effectiveness. We develop a plan to implement the changes and watch over the principles.

Źródła mocy

for new teams/project teams/Agile teams

The workshop allows members of a new team to get to know each other or helps to integrate people already working in the team with the newly recruited. Together we discover the competences and potential of individual team members.


for people experiencing stress in the workplace

During the workshop we think about the sources of stress in the workplace. Through simple breathing and relaxation exercises and theatre play, the participants look for their own ways of relaxing and letting the steam off.

for creative teams

During the workshop we face our own thinking patterns. We look at creativity from a different perspective - through theatre. We are looking for ways out of the beaten paths of thought.

for team/team leaders

It is a form of integration, celebration, common fun. Together with willing team members we prepare an event dedicated for a specific occasion. It can be a theatrical performance, it can be a radio play - it all depends on the participants.